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A bison/java parser for bibtex files

The goal of this project is to provide an empty parser for bibtex files. It is written in Java, using a patched bison version for java. It can be used for many purposes like storing bibtex files in database (using jdbc) or convert them into ...

Freeware  18k 349

JREChecker - Java Wrapper for JAR Files

This will Check for Java Runtime Environment before executing a jar file. If no JRE is installed it will install one automatically and continue to your jar file. If JRE is present it will simply go on to your jar file. Sets Heap to 75% ...

Freeware  15,068k 602

Joj - Java Version of Java

Joj provides a Java object representation of Java source code in a similar way that JDOM provides a Java representation of XML.

Freeware  413k 427
Java Chart Designer

Java Chart Designer

Java Chart Designer is a powerful charting Java application that empowers you with all necessary tools to create charts for professionally looking presentations, business and scientific reports that can be easily integrated into website as Java applet, Java applications or saved as JPEG images. A ...

Shareware  2,848k 2621 ELTIMA Software GmbH
PDFOne Java

PDFOne Java

Gnostice PDFOne Java is a 100% Java library for developers to implement PDF based software solutions. PDFOne Java provides a rich set of APIs to create, manipulate and organize PDF documents, process PDF forms and perform other PDF document related tasks from within your Java ...

Commercial  1,023k 31854 Gnostice Information Technologies Private Limited


ABCMenuMan is an exciting new java menu that is faster than animated GIFs with more than a few menu items, easier for you to use than defining mouseover states, plus adds impressive mouseover effects for your website, and extremely flexible for the classy special effects ...

Freeware  48k 1284 A1 Wyka Warzecha


Java library, integrating Microsoft IE into Java apps as Java Swing UI component in headless mode, which allows to embed it into UI to manipulate programmatically without specific knowledge of COM or the Microsoft Internet Explorer API. The library provides API to work with DOM ...

Shareware  7,670k 334 TeamDev Ltd

100% Free Java Tree Applet

Java Tree Applet completely FREE.This product is NOT Trialware or Evalware - but a fully functioning version which is Free for you to use however you wish, making it a truly Freeware product.

Shareware  72k 2399 Sirius Computer Consultants Limited
2D/3D Vertical Bar Graph API Library (Java Bean)

2D/3D Vertical Bar Graph API Library (Java Bean)

The Vertical Bar Graph API is a Java Bean Component. Designed specifically to enable programmers to easily add powerful graphing functionality to any form of Java application Download the Free Trial today for access to:- - Documentation - Code samples - Demo Applications - IDE ...

Shareware  519k 4321 Sirius Computer Consultants Limited
Aspose.Total for Java

Aspose.Total for Java

Aspose.Total for Java is a suite of 7 ultra powerful file management and visual components to support Java applications. Now you can quickly and easily manage Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, Metafiles, Barcodes generation & recognition. Furthermore, if any new components are ...

Shareware  28,232k 1943 Aspose Pty Ltd
Easy JAVA to Source Converter

Easy JAVA to Source Converter

Easy JAVA to Source Converter is a powerful decompiler and disassembler for Java that reconstructs the original source code from the compiled binary CLASS files. It is able to decompile complex Java applets and binaries, producing accurate source code. Useful for developers to recover their ...

Shareware  2,622k 6825 Armenian Dictionary Software
Java Programmers Brain

Java Programmers Brain

Animated Java Programmers Brain Screensaver courtesy of ADOK Desenvolvimento de Sistemas

Freeware  1,398k 1115 ADOK Desenvolvimento de Sistemas
jPDFViewer Java PDF Viewer Bean

jPDFViewer Java PDF Viewer Bean

Integrate a PDF viewer right in your Java application or website. jPDFViewer does not require any client installation or third party programs, it is a self contained Java component that can be deployed in a Java application, a web page as an applet, or a ...

Shareware  25,910k 1608 Qoppa Software
Java Barcode Font Encoder Class Library

Java Barcode Font Encoder Class Library

The IDAutomation Java Barcode Font Encoder Class Library is a Font Encoder that is used to format strings for IDAutomation Barcode Fonts in a java application with a minimum of JDK 1.4. This product supports all linear barcode fonts as well as GS1 DataBar and ...

Freeware  36k 1024 IDAutomation com Inc
Visual Java/SWING Components Library

Visual Java/SWING Components Library

Eltima Java Components greatly extend the set of components available in standard visual library, bringing a whole lot of new ways to present your creativity to your customers and clients. Make your software look different! No routine coding – utilize your resources wisely! Based on ...

Shareware  400k 2490 ELTIMA Software GmbH
Eltima Java/SWING Components

Eltima Java/SWING Components

Make your software look different with Eltima Java/SWING Components which greatly extend the set of components available in standard visual library, bringing a whole lot of new ways to present your creativity to your customers and clients. You may easily integrate Eltima Java/SWING into your ...

Demo  751k 2335 ELTIMA Software
Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Java

Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Java

Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Java Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Java is a reporting tool, designed for interaction and work of reports in your Java application. Java technology allows using programs on different platforms, different operating systems and different hardware. Thanks to this Stimulsoft Reports.Fx for Java is now ...

Shareware  67,001k 1646 Stimulsoft

Jcoder Java Editor

Jcoder is a Java IDE that runs on Windows which enables programmers to create, navigate, modify, and debug code faster and more accurately. Jcoder can be used in conjunction with different Java Developer Kits by configurating JDK profiles.Jcoder features an intuitive interface and provides a ...

Freeware    454 Jcoder

uCertify GSSP-JAVA GIAC Secure Software

PrepKit GSSP-JAVA, GIAC Secure Software Programmer - Java is an interactive software application that helps you learn, tracks your progress, identifies areas for improvements and simulates the actual exam. This PrepKit contains 2 interactive practice tests with over 258 challenging questions guaranteed to comprehensively cover ...

Shareware  8,192k 708

Java Bridge to Exchange

The Java Bridge to Exchange product is an effective solution to access data stored in the Microsoft Exchange server from Java. Exchange items like e-mails, contacts and appointments can be accessed, created, imported or exported with the library. The library can be used to integrate ...

Demo  778k 682 Moyosoft
CalibrationAider (For Java)

CalibrationAider (For Java)

CalibrationAider helps users realize the full potential of their computer display device. Use CalibrationAider to create a consistant, reproduceable viewing environment with an optimal viewing angle, screen resolution, and maximized range of colors. Ideal for digital photographers who need to set up a color-managed workflow, ...

Freeware  529k 869 Imaging Associates International

Lodi Java Script Builder

Using over 25 templates create an eclectic assortment of java scripts for your website without having any knowledge of programming. You can create everything from drag and drop images to Slot Machines to Window Opens to Slide Shows.

Shareware  6,636k 888 Green River Software

JIRCBot - IRC Robot in Java Language

JIRCBot is open source and free Object-Oriented IRC Robot Daemon in Java Programming Language, which supports the use of Java plugins (Java Class) and configurations in plain-text file. Development center site at:

Freeware  171k 425

JotAzul - An Object Oriented Java IDE

The JotAzul is a free Object Oriented Java IDE created to help teachers and newbies in the POO World. It was inspired on the BlueJ IDE and Blue System language (The Objects First approach).JotAzul was created using the SWT (Simple Widget Toolkit)

Freeware  3,855k 824

Java GRID Component

The Java GRID Component can be used in Java applets and in Java applications including Swing applications. The component is fully compatible with Java 1.1 and higher, and it has a very small footprint (less than 15 Kb). The grid component is higly configurable and ...

Shareware  97k 1826 24 132 124 129

Windows Azure SDK for Java Developers

Windows Azure SDK for Java enables Java developers to take advantage of the Microsoft Cloud Services Platform a€“ Windows Azure. Java APIs for for Windows Azure Storage - Blobs, Tables & Queues Helper Classes for HTTP transport, REST, Error Management Windows Azure SDK for Java ...

Freeware  325k 594

Fixed Format Output Java Library

FFO is a simple and small java library to aid in writting fixed format messages. Normally these messages can be handled with prinf in C, but in java this appears as of java 5. Here comes this lib.

Freeware  24k 719

Highly Scalable Java

A collection of Concurrent and Highly Scalable Utilities. These are intended as direct replacements for the java.util.* or java.util.concurrent.* collections but with better performance when many CPUs are using the collection concurrently.

Freeware  1,618k 387

IdeoReport - java reporting solution

IdeoReport is a java-based set of packages that allows reports generations in a variety of output formats including xls, pdf, jpeg, xml, csv and html.It can be integrated to existing applications (java and non-java) via different connectors.

Freeware  9,860k 227

JFern, Java-based Petri Net framework

Rakiura JFern - lightweight Petri Net framework. Engine with the GUI simulator, written in Java and designed for Java developers. Supports multiple inscription languages: Java, Kawa, BeanShell and Clojure.

Freeware  4,961k 406
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